“We have an excellent network and extensive private equity experience which we have combined to ensure we provide significant value to our stakeholders and investment opportunities we participate in.’’

Ascension Capital Partners is a black owned private equity fund manager, with a unique value proposition and competitive advantage of unique proprietary deal flow by virtue of our broad network in addition to the transaction experience of the founding shareholders and directors of Ascension.

What sets us apart

  • Ability to access unique investment opportunities outside of the mainstream: Through our experience and key partnerships we have direct access to investment opportunities within the mid-market and private space that other fund managers simply do not have access to;
  • Superior execution capabilities: Our team together with key partners and stakeholders have very strong and successful execution capabilities to ensure that selected transactions are flawlessly and timely executed;
  • Strong Investment Committee: Robust governance is a central principle that we apply with our business and in our investee companies. A strong Investment Committee is central to our operating model and informs the quality of our investments;
  • Value add through our extensive networks: Through our extensive networks and key partners we intend to be the catalytic factor that adds significant value to portfolio companies through introductions to complementary business opportunities, the facilitation of organic growth opportunities or value adding corporate actions. We work alongside our investee companies to ensure that our strategy is aligned taking into account current and forecast economic conditions; and
  • Exit opportunities: Through our strategic partnerships combined with our direct access to corporate finance networks and skills we can identify value adding exit opportunities to be executed using our superior execution capabilities, thereby ensuring timely and efficient exits to maximize returns.